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Just the Tips: Cheaper Car Insurance

Car insurance sucks! That monthly and/or annual payment really sucks but, having an accident without insurance is a whole other level of sucks. Insurance is the law and a necessary payment in many people’s life and for that reason let’s…

America is Free, But Healthcare Isn’t

America is a free country, a wealthy country, a capitalistic country, a democratic country, American citizens have rights that citizens of many other countries have never known. Yet, despite all our wealth and all our rights, many Americans…

Extreme Nursing Shortage

Registered nurses are trained to care for patients while also assessing medical conditions and administering treatment and medications. They are employed in hospitals, physician's offices, long term care facilities and as home health

Protect Your Legacy

Secure, encrypted, personal, cloud data preservation is crucial in protecting your legacy for eternity. MemoryBank is revolutionary cloud technology that is making the world a better place through accurate personal legacy preservation.…

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