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What Toys are Necessary for Daycare?

When you’re working at a daycare, you’ll want to make sure you’re adequately prepared. Any daycare is going to need to have on hand all the necessary equipment.




Child Toys

When you’re working at a daycare, you’ll want to make sure you’re adequately prepared. Any daycare is going to need to have on hand all the necessary equipment. This includes cribs, high chairs, booster seats, strollers, car seats and toys. The first five are fairly self-explanatory, but what sorts of toys should you buy? The very nature of daycare almost guarantees that you will have a child in all age groups, from infants and older. While some toys easily cross age gaps, a majority will not.

Baby Toy

Toys for Various Age Groups

Infants at about six months have very little mobility; therefore, they will need toys that stimulate them without frustration because of their inability to interact. Soft toys in bright colors that they can put in their mouth are an excellent choice, and if they should happen to make noise, all the better. As infants will taste everything in their attempts to identify it, items with sharp corners, loose attachments (such as beads or eyes), or excessive amounts of hair (for example, a stuffed dog) are better suited for older children. Providing colorful pictures for the child to look at while lying down or being changed will delight them, as will a colorful, patterned blanket for tummy time. Many bouncy seats provide a toy bar for the infant to stare at while seated and allow for interaction as the child grows and learns to use their hands to reach for things.

Plastic Keys

Children from six months to a year old learn to use their hands to explore objects. Soft toys, books, and teething rings are a good choice. This is also a good age to bring out plastic keys, telephones, bathtub squirting toys (be sure they are dry, clean and free of mildew on the inside), rattles, and any other item the child can hold in their hand easily. Make sure these toys do not possess small parts which may present a choking hazard. Soft balls the child can throw will please them, as they are still learning how to use their hands and are delighted by the cause and effect of seeing a ball fly after they throw it.

From one to two years, children are beginning to understand the concept of play. Toys with small parts or sharp edges should still be avoided, but this is the age where the toddler will truly begin to interact with a toy. Anything that makes noise will be enjoyed, whether it be a plastic piano, xylophone, or a bowl and spoon. Blocks they can stack and knock down are popular, although at this age many children struggle with the concept of blocks that lock together. Plenty of picture books should be available, with sturdy pages (preferably board books) and large, colorful illustrations.

Play Kitchen

From ages two to four, children begin to engage in imaginary play and learn how to play with other children. Toys that allow them to explore their creativity should be available-dolls and doll sized infant gear, large action figures, toy vehicles, play kitchens and food, and blocks that allow them to build buildings and vehicles are now appropriate. Balls, playground equipment (both inside and outside), ride-on toys and other such physical outlets will be necessary as well, as children at this age often have a tremendous amount of energy. This is a good time to stock your art supplies as well, keeping crayons, watercolors, finger-paints, washable markers and coloring books on hand at all times. It will astonish you what those budding geniuses will produce given the proper supplies, and this is an excellent way to occupy them on a rainy day.


The Flower: Mother Nature’s Emoji




Flower Bouquet

Keeping in touch is easy when you care. Anyone can be messaged within seconds, it’s awesome and crazy to think there were days when s simple message would require a live Raven and a lot of hope.



Since constant communication is a given between loved ones, actually, let’s say a given between “liked” ones, as love can be a tricky issue, lol, the effects of IRL (In Real Life) are sometimes overlooked or forgotten all together. A hug, a kiss, or even a simple high five are great feelings that can’t be replaced by a text message. The real-life component of life is extremely powerful, but unfortunately is not always possible when friends and families are spread out across the globe.

Fortunately, there are growing services that focus on bringing people closer emotionally when they are not able to geographically. A very compelling service includes one of human’s oldest gift… flowers.

Sending flowers to family, friends, acquaintances, business associates, etc. is extremely powerful and can have an extraordinarily positive impact on the recipient. Take those texts and emails to the next level, represent yourself with real life experiences as simple and beautiful as a flower.

Most leading florists provide same day delivery nationwide, as long as you order by mid-day. This is especially useful for sudden emergencies or forgotten occasions. But whenever possible, it’s a good idea to order flowers one or two days in advance, particularly for widely celebrated occasions like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. You may want to consider having your flowers delivered the afternoon before an event, both to ensure they are enjoyed throughout the day and to provide a cushion for re-delivery just in case the recipient is not home when your flowers first arrive. Being a day early never hurts but being a day late can! For same day delivery across most of the U.S. and Canada, simply order in the morning. In most cases, your flowers can arrive that afternoon.

Work with your Florist
If you order flowers by phone, tell your florist the sentiment you want to communicate. Remember, your florist is the expert, so don’t feel that you must know the name of every flower, just mention the occasion, your relationship to the recipient, and if you have any favorite flowers or colors in mind. Allowing the florist to assist you with the selection of flowers and to design a bouquet just for you will often result in the best overall gift for your budget.

Before you order…
Have the spelling of the recipient’s name and his or her complete delivery address ready, including apartment number, company name, suite, or floor number. Delivery to “Jen” at “Rockefeller Center” probably won’t cut it. The recipient’s phone number is also very helpful to ensure delivery and may sometimes be required when want your flowers to arrive at the right place on the right day. So, make sure you’ve got your facts straight.

Express yourself
As important as the flowers are, if you don’t take a few moments to think about the card message, your sentiment could be lost. Florists will include a small enclosure card free of charge, and larger gift cards are also available. Have a short message ready when you call or ask for your florist’s advice. If you order flowers online, most sites will have suggestions for you. The important thing is to express yourself simply and personally. It makes your flower delivery gift all that more special. Also remember to include the sender(s) name(s) on the card, so the recipient knows who to thank.

If you are ordering flowers online… Call!
Remember that web sites can’t show every flower arrangement. There is an infinite number of combinations possible, so don’t be afraid to call if you don’t see what you are looking for. Florists excel at creating beautiful one-of-a-kind designs for almost every taste and budget to help you send just the right message with every flower delivery, calling is very powerful.

Autumn Flower Arrangement

The Magical Result
Sending flowers is a wonderful way to say, “thanks”, “cheer up”, “feel better soon”, “congratulations”, “your apartment smells”, “I love you”, etc. You can send flowers almost anywhere on almost any day, and there is something magical about how they make people feel. Floral gifts show how much you care, and at the same time they say a lot about you, the sender.

Please call now for flower delivery and let people know you care.


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The Facts You Need to Know About Cyberbullying

Cyber bullying is the newest type of bullying and has not been studied as much as traditional forms of bullying. Many children report being bullied via the internet or cell phone and the effects can be devastating.




Group of Bullies

Cyber bullying is the newest type of bullying and has not been studied as much as traditional forms of bullying. Many children report being bullied via the internet or cell phone and the effects can be devastating. Children also report that bullies spread rumours and say other mean things about them online where many different people can see it. The potential audience for cyber bullying is unlimited making it even more appealing to bullies. Bullies will also threaten their victims online and belittle them for their own amusement.

Girls are twice as likely as boys to be cyber bullies as well as be targeted by cyber bullies. Normally boys are the most likely children to bully others, but this is not true with cyber bullying. Boys tend to physically bully others while girls use emotional methods, which can be perfectly carried out over the computer. Cyber bullying also can be anonymous and many children who are the victims of cyber bullying never know who was bullying them. Cyber bullying is not restricted to school either, it can happen anywhere children have access to computers or cell phones. Bullying used to be confined to school, but with cyber bullying can now reach children anywhere.

Bullying Victim

Where Cyber Bullying Occurs

Cyber bullying commonly occurs in IM’s and in chat rooms. Cyber bullying can also occur in blogs and on websites when a bully posts damaging comments about their victim. The internet makes bullying easy and bullies can torment victims in new ways. Using the internet gives cyber bullies an even more devious way to humiliate others than traditional bullying. About half of pre-teens tell an adult about their experiences with cyber bullying and this number drops as children get older. Cyber bullying also makes it easier for the victim to retaliate against the bully as they can just as easily post their own damaging responses. This ease of use makes perpetuating the bullying cycle more common. This is not necessarily the best idea, as it will probably make the bullying worse and only reinforce the idea that bullying is ok.

Girls Bullying

Cyber Bullying: It Can Affect Anyone

Cyber bullying can affect anyone and the same stereotypes that apply to traditional bullying do not apply to cyber bullying. Cyber bullies can pick on anyone, even those more confident and popular than themselves. Cyber bullies can even pick on children older and bigger than them because of the anonymous nature of the internet. If a cyber bully wants to hurt another person, the internet gives them the perfect vehicle to do so.

Cell Phone Bullying

What Parents Can Do

Parents must take steps to stop and prevent cyber bullying just like other types of bullying. Any form of bullying can have serious consequences and cyber bullying can be particularly dangerous because it can reach so many people and be so humiliating. Take cyber bullying seriously so that your child does not fall victim, or bully others. Make your child aware that cyber bullying is unacceptable and if they are the target they should tell an adult right away. Acting quickly is the best way to stop cyber bullying before it gets out of hand.

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Flying Internationally with Children

Each year, a large number of American families make the decision to take a family vacation. If you want to take a fun vacation abroad with your family, it may be a good learning experience for all.




Each year, a large number of American families make the decision to take a family vacation. If you want to take a fun vacation abroad with your family, it may be a good learning experience for all. Here are some tips on flying internationally with kids.

Once you and your family have decided that they want to visit to a foreign country, you will have to start making travel arrangements. This most commonly includes choosing a final vacation destination, booking airline reservations, and overnight hotel accommodations. After these travel arrangements have been made, you will need to wait for the big day to arrive. However, once that day comes, it is important to remember that you are traveling with children. For that reason, extra accommodations may need to be made.

Family at Airport

Plan Accommodation Ahead of Time

It is important to determine what your accommodations are before your flight is scheduled to take off. In fact, it is advised that you start preparing for your trip early, especially if you are traveling with children. This is because, when it comes to international flights, the preparation is different than domestic flights. In most cases, the guidelines and procedures change. For starters, the proof of identification that they will need drastically changes.

Family on Airplane

Have Your Passport in Order

When children fly on domestic flights, they do not need to show identification if they are traveling with a parent or a guardian. Often times, proof of a parent’s identification is enough; however, it is not enough on international flights. Depending on where you are traveling to, you will find that your child may need to have a passport. If your child does not already have a passport, they will need to get one.  This process could take a few days, or even a few weeks.  While arranging your child’s passport, it is also good to make sure that yours is valid as well.

Kids Traveling

Security Screenings

In addition to having the proper forms of identification for international flights, you will also find that your child or children must go through the same security screening as everyone else. This means that they will have their carry-on luggage, as well as their checked baggage thoroughly examined. This examination may include an x-ray screening or a hand check. Should a problem arise, they will likely be pulled aside, like any other passenger. The only difference is that you should be able to accompany them, if and when this does occur.

In international airports, passenger screening is just as important as baggage screening. For that reason, your child, no matter what their age, will also have to be checked out. This mostly entails removing their shoes and walking through a metal detector. In the event that the alarm sounds, your child will likely be subject to additional screening. However, it is important to note that this additional screening is required, and it is the same that all other passengers will go through, if need be.

The above-mentioned situations are just a few of the many that you will have to prepare for if you are flying internationally with a child. The rules, restrictions, and guidelines that you must follow tend to vary from international airport to airport, as well as with airlines. Although many of these rules are the same, there are some differences. All international airports are given the ability to add-on their own air travel rules, if they choose to do so. For that reason, it is advised that you directly contact the international airline that you will be flying with or the international airport that you will be leaving from, for additional information.

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